About the site

The grid is one of the most important tools a designer has at his/her disposal. They’ve always been a difficult thing to explain to clients, though luckily, the results speak for themselves. Also luckily, the clean, organized look they impart is en vogue right now, which means better design is becoming “hip,” for lack of a less unsavory term.


But a grid is not a stylistic tool. In fact, “the look” can be faked with the right fonts and graphic devices. But a meticulous, legible, well-composed, and balanced layout can’t be faked. Most often, the grid is what separates real designers from amateurs. And like any tool, it takes awhile to master. It’s a visual system developed specifically for the task at hand, in order to arrange the type and imagery in a deliberate way.

Gridness is a Hazen Project.

This site is the outgrowth of our own reverence for the grid. A page composed with a smart grid, and selective “breaking” of the grid, is a beautiful thing to behold—if you’re a true design nerd. Hazen Creative put this together because we’re as designerdy as they come. The examples here are a mixture of things found online and those from our own collection. Feel free to comment below, or email us.

This site is built on a custom WordPress theme by Hazen which will soon be made available for free.